in at nfl office after deflategate verdict

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A Florida Sinkhole more than 25 feet across and 50 feet deep opened up between two homes this weekend in the Florida residential community “The Villages.” The hole opened after heavy rainfall in the area put stress on the soil, causing the ground to collapse. This new sinkhole comes just weeks after a previous sinkhole was filled in on the same property. Crews had just finished completely filling and securing the first hole on Friday night when they were back on Saturday night to treat an adjacent, and larger, sinkhole.

Consider Johnson Johnson, which could have been purchased at the beginning of January 2007 at $66.13, with a quarterly dividend of $.375, providing an initial yield of 2.27%. After five years, with dividends steadily increasing to $.57 per quarter, the yield on cost is 3.45%. This is an improvement over the original yield, but not by much, and is actually less than the current yield of 3.53%.

Another rookie who could play a major role in the outcome of the game against the Bengals is wide receiver Sterling Shepard. Starting wideout Victor Cruz has a sprained ankle and could miss the Bengals game. This will put Shepard into the starting spot against a defense that gives up tons of yardage to passing teams..

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